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Empire Properties Case Study

Posted by Lyndsey Clevesy on April 20, 2017

While Empire Properties focuses on restoring the past, NeoCloud helps to secure its future. Empire’s move to G Suite has amplified its growth in the modern era, with a continued focus on the preservation and revitalization of downtown Raleigh, North Carolina.



Empire Properties has helped accelerate the redevelopment and preservation of Raleigh’s historic downtown for more than a decade. A full-service real estate development company, Empire owns and manages 41 downtown properties including office, retail and restaurant spaces. With a keen eye for the community, Empire is deeply involved in efforts to revitalize downtown, pledging to complete at least one downtown project per year.


Amidst significant growth, Empire quickly realized the difficulties of operating without an IT department, particularly when employees were at various levels of computer literacy. This technology gap presented many challenges including lost time, lost business opportunities and subpar team collaboration. Empire didn’t want to dedicate significant capital to an IT or server management team, yet recognized the need to advance its technology expertise while maintaining its core real estate focus.

“Thanks to NeoCloud, our IT expenses are predictable, computer uptime is reliable, and hardware worries are nonexistent.”

- Andrew Stewart, President, Empire Properties


Empire Properties selected NeoCloud to assist with its technology upgrade. NeoCloud's identified Google Apps for Work as the ideal technology platform for the company, and its certified deployment team seamlessly migrated the company’s data to the new system. NeoCloud's comprehensive live training and on-demand educational tools helped employees adapt to the new infrastructure and take advantage of all its features. NeoCloud's ongoing support enables employees to stay focused on their jobs rather than worry about their IT tools.


The shift to G Suite empowered team collaboration, improved communication, reduced IT infrastructure costs, and enhanced security and reliability for Empire Properties. The company was able to retire its old “server closet” and free up precious space and resources. Empire executives are so satisfied with the results that they are using G Suite in their new venture, Empire Eats, a group of five downtown restaurants housed in historic Raleigh buildings. This gives restaurant employees the same technology benefits along with access to Google Calendar, IM, and Docs – the perfect trio for collaboration and success. 

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