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Case Study: CKC Laboratories

CKC Laboratories provides Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing to clients who want to ensure their products are compliant with national and international laws and regulations. CKC employs leading-edge test equipment and one of the broadest accreditation scopes in the industry. At project completion, the report CKC provides clients is accepted around the globe, allowing them access to any market.

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At a glance

Before moving their email and data infrastructure to the cloud, CKC Laboratories faced server backup challenges that could cause all five of their office locations to experience downtime at once. Using NeoCloud services, Microsoft Office 365 and a hybrid of Azure Commercial and Azure Government, CKC offices can now work independently off of the cloud with less risk of downtime and data loss.

What they needed?

  • A cloud-based server that allows all office locations to work independently
  • Secure data backup to prevent data loss
  • A cloud data solution that meets strict government regulations

What they did?

  • Migrated email to Office 365 and infrastructure to a hybrid of Azure Commercial and Azure Government
  • Instituted versioning throughout the day to safely back-up data and prevent data loss

What they accomplished?

  • More secure data and backups through cloud services
  • Increased cost savings by being able to switch to synchronous DSL connection instead of an MPLS connection
  • Enhanced IT support for users with help from NeoCloud support services


“With NeoCloud, it is the first time I felt like I had a partner. Out of all the companies I dealt with that have claimed they want to partner with us, they are probably the first one that I have actually felt like they were a partner.”

- William Brandle, Director of Information Technology, CKC Laboratories

Business Description

For over 40 years, CKC Laboratories has offered EMC testing and design consultation from a team of expert engineers and technicians. Now operating in five locations along the West Coast, CKC continues to expand its testing capabilities. In 2000, CKC was appointed a Telecommunication Certification Body, giving the company the ability to certify products on behalf of the FCC.

CKC site.jpgPhoto: Dual purpose Chamber 1 can be utilized for both military/
aerospace testing and commercial immunity testing.


When a forest fire threatened their office, they had to evacuate and disconnect their servers. They moved all of their equipment to an office over an hour away that acted as a temporary hub for all of their locations.

This unfortunate incident brought attention to their server storage problems. It was apparent that they could no longer have one location serve as the hub for all their offices, putting the whole company at risk of long-term downtime. They needed to move their data to the cloud so each office could operate autonomously. Additionally, their email, infrastructure and information needed a secure backup location where they could be sure they would not lose any of their data.

CKC’s IT department did not have the resources to move the data on their own and needed assistance to solve their server problems.


Because of the nature of CKC’s business, their data needed to be migrated in a very specific way and they needed to abide by International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). They needed a partner who could meet their needs and really understand their infrastructure.

CKC chose to work with NeoCloud because they took the time to truly understand their data challenges before suggesting a solution.

“It is amazing that more vendors don’t get it. It seems like NeoCloud gets it,” says William Brandle, Director of Information Technology at CKC. “Organizations are constantly trying to find those companies that they can afford who are willing to be their partner. A business can grow as long as they are not burdened down with resources they can’t afford.”

For CKC, although NeoCloud costs a few extra dollars per user than a license for Office 365, they felt that their high level of service and quick response time make it worth it. NeoCloud operates as a true partner, providing extra support to the CKC team.

To solve CKC’s data problems, NeoCloud moved their email to Microsoft Office 365 and their infrastructure to Azure. CKC required a rare, hybrid set-up of Azure Commercial and Azure Government to meet strict ITAR and EAR regulations. Even though NeoCloud does not offer Azure Government, they worked closely with CKC, connecting them directly with Microsoft and creating a solution tailored to their unique needs.

While Microsoft set up Azure Government, NeoCloud handled the setup and migration to Azure Commercial. They helped with many issues that went beyond the scope of their work, ensuring a smooth transition to cloud services.

“When you are in the middle of a new setup, everything is very new and alien to you,” says Brandle. “It was nice to have NeoCloud’s Azure experience to assist with our transition and getting over that initial hump of getting it set up.”


Since moving their data to the cloud, CKC has experienced more reliable service with less downtime. Their data is backed up throughout the day so that no data is lost if they experience server issues. They can retrieve their data from the cloud at any of their locations, helping each office operate smoothly.

Recently, one of their offices in Washington state experienced a server outage, but they were still able to use a secondary internet connection. Because their email is on the cloud, they were able to continue to work and communicate without any downtime, saving the company money and helping them remain productive.

The company has even managed to save money by switching to Direct Connect instead of an MPLS network. While MPLS networks can cost around $3000 per month, CKC can now use a synchronous DSL connection for just about $600 per month. The switch to synchronous DSL would not have been possible while using their old servers.

After a smooth transition and continued support from NeoCloud, CKC now feels they have a rock-solid cloud data solution.