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Cloud File Sharing

Everybody Sees What They Need to See — Minus the Security Risks

When several people need to view, edit and manage files, you need a savvy suite of cloud file-sharing apps that keep everything secured, backed up and easily recovered.

  • GoogleDrive
  • OneDrive Business
  • Jungle Disk
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Plateform

Easy, Safe and Secure File Sharing,
Backup, Recovery and Management

NeoCloud encourages you to share without fear

Strong Security and Compliance

Strong Security and Compliance

Encryption keeps files and communications secure in transit. We also make sure sharing complies with relevant privacy regulations.

Easy, Efficient Viewing

Easy, Efficient Viewing

View files of every size across all the most common formats. Intuitive interfaces make it easy for users to view and comment on files.

Streamlined File Management

Streamlined File Management

We can coordinate all of your sharing apps from a unified platform, reducing stress on your IT team.

Fast Backup and Recovery

Fast Backup and Recovery

Back up directly from G Suite and Office 365 into a dedicated cloud-to-cloud app and easily recover lost files.

Let NeoCloud Elevate Your File-Sharing Experience

Share Everything Everywhere on Any Device.

Whether your people need to share spreadsheets, presentations or large video files, NeoCloud makes sure they get it all done without sacrificing security or flexibility. And users can see all their files on smartphones, tablets or desktop computers.

Back Up Rapidly and Restore Easily

Cloud-resident documents need to be backed up just like documents stored on traditional in-house computers. With dedicated cloud-to-cloud backup, we ensure there’s always an extra copy of the documents in your cloud environment — so you can easily find and recover files that get erased accidentally.

Manage All Your SaaS in a Dedicated App

We can configure and deploy an app that controls all your apps from one dashboard, streamlining your app experiences and freeing IT people to spend less time chasing down app issues and more time improving your business.

Stay Secure and Compliant

Don’t let file sharing open a can of worms that exposes you to regulatory scrutiny or civil litigation. Our experts ensure that permissions are properly configured and files are properly protected to avoid unauthorized sharing of private data.

Encrypt files when they’re in transit

Don’t take any chances with emails or shared files within them. We can deploy technology that wraps emails and files in an encrypted package so they don’t accidentally fall into the wrong hands.

Which file-sharing apps will do the most good for your people and processes?

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